Design Workshop and Trunk Show with Megan Thorne Fine Jewelry

Design Workshop and Trunk Show with Megan Thorne Fine Jewelry
October 17, 2016 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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We often find that every lady looking for a ring has a dream, and she knows that her dream is just a little bit different, just a little bit unique, just a little bit personal—like she is.  For some it is a color, for others it is a texture, and for others it is the process of setting a family stone.  Some want a low profile, some want a stack and still others want their man to surprise them!  (and get it right!)

Megan Thorne Engagement Ring Collection 201

We invite you to find the your dream ring at Megan Thorne
designer workshop and trunk show
on October 21st and 22nd and during the new Gallery Night.

Megan Thorne Jewelry is based in Texas. The designer won best upcoming engagement ring designer of the year in 2015.

Working in the age old goldsmith tradition, Megan Torne is noted for her technical sketches of the designs, utilized as communication tools and given to customers during the design process. She works in 18karat yellow gold , 18 karat white fold, 18karat rose gold, and platinum and with colored gemstones, traditional diamonds, and nontraditional diamonds like rose cut and old mine cuts as well as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Megan Thorne Engagement Ring 3 stone scalloped bezel


“We find that customers love receiving the beautiful and colorful sketches of the plans to create their customer design pieces. This ornate and simple technique is often lost in today’s technical world. Having that tangible element allows customers to really connect with the drawings, the designer, and their experience of creating and heirloom work of jewelry art,” says Campbell.

Custom Ring Design Emerald Ring Megan Thorne

Thorne not only designer engagement rings but also redesigns pieces from customers’ existing collections and family stones creating rings bracelets and earrings and necklaces. “We enjoy using memorable stones from a customer collection that would otherwise continue sitting in their drawer,” Campbell notes. Appointments are being scheduled for the day on Friday and Saturday to work directly with Megan Thorne and the team at Susan Campbell Jewelry.

Custom Design Dewdrop Hoop Megan Thorne


To make an appointment for a custom designed engagement ring or to reset your family stones or for more information, please,

call Susan Campbell Jewelry at 850-434-8948 or email at

You may also leave us your information and we will contact you to schedule your time:

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