Dragon Jubilee Fundraiser for Creative Learning Academy

Dragon Jubilee Fundraiser for Creative Learning Academy
April 28, 2016 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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Dragon Jubilee SAM Donation Necklace

How I Iove a Dragon, magical and mythical, fierce and powerful.  I am really glad that is the mascot of my daughters school.  After all of their mission statements and events, fundraisers and plays and family movie night on the green — I still think of the Dragon.  I want my girl to grow up fierce and strong and powerful; magical and mythical…after all I am a Mom!

The Creative Learning Academy’s annual Dragon Jubilee Fundraiser is April 29th and to assist with future dragon training and for all those Mom’s out there, (who, by the way, Mothers Day is just around the corner) Susan Campbell Jewelry will be donating two items for auction.

Dragon Jubilee SAM Donation Necklace

Magical and Mythical?  The fingerprint by Sarah Graham.  Those teeny tiny fingers that used to wrap around yours so tightly–let’s capture their fingerprints and make them into a medallion you can keep next to you for all of time.

Fingerprint Necklace Dragon Jubilee Donation


Strong and Powerful?  The SAM Collection – Define your Path and Share your Story – Custom stamped charms in silver and gold with diamonds and gemstones.  Build a family tradition, and keep it close.



Now, let’s get back to training those dragons!


(P.S. Dad’s, don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 8th)