What Makes an Engagement Ring Alternative?

What Makes an Engagement Ring Alternative?
April 22, 2016 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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It seems that day after day we have new faces coming into the store for an “Alternative” Engagement Ring. We have always been the indie type, so it’s no wonder ladies and men are coming to us to look around.  But what is “alternative”?  What does it mean?  Does it mean something that does not look like an engagement ring?  Probably not.  Does it mean something that is not cookie-cutter that you would see in every store and that your cousin may also be wearing at your next family reunion?  YEP!

What we find is that every lady looking for a ring has a dream, and she knows that her dream is just a little bit different, just a little bit unique, just a little bit personal—like she is.  For some it is a color, for others it is a texture, and for others it is the process of setting a family stone.  Some want a low profile, some want a stack and still others want their man to surprise them!  (and get it right!)


In the end, we find that most of the couples looking for an “alternative” Engagement Ring are really looking for a unique experience as they start their lives together.  They are communicating with each other about what they find beautiful, what it means to get engaged, what it feels like to create something together for the first time. It’s a financial investment, an emotional investment, an aesthetic investment in their future–together.  Sometimes they find common ground and other times they find the need for a little give and take.  And often they find out something about their partner they did not know or discover something within themselves that makes them more beautiful, more powerful, and more in love.


As we launch our Alternative Bridal Suite this week with the Anne Sportun Bridal collection Trunk Show, we pledge to honor all the reasons you may want an alternative bridal solution and help you shape your original story and experience.  We have great connections across the country with some of the hottest indie jewelers like Anne Sportun Jewelry, Megan Thorne Fine Jewelry, Rebecca Overmann, Tap by Todd Pownell and many more.  As we grow our curated collection of artists, designs, alternative diamonds and traditional stones we hope you follow along and let us know what “alternative” means to you.

Join us as we nibble on fine cheeses and sip on chilled prosecco from our neighbors at SO Gourmet, indulge in the fragrance of a well crafted bridal arrangement by Fiore’ and try your hand at an Anne Sportun engagement ring; bring your girlfriends, your Man, or your Mom…and start the process.

Stop into the store and enter for a chance to win a pearl wrap bracelet by Anne Sportun.


Toast our friend Suzanne all the way from Toronto — the girl who brings the bling! Party time: 4-7 Thursday and Friday evenings.


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