What Makes an Heirloom? We Do…Together

What Makes an Heirloom? We Do…Together
October 17, 2016 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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Redesign Opal Ring

What makes an Heirloom?  We do…together, as you Design with Us. 

Heirloom jewelry can be many things.  Just the idea conjures the memories of grandmas locket or a natural pearl earring.  A little trinket passed down from mother to daughter, or daughter to daughter in law.

Sometimes these pieces are divine Art Nouveau items with swooping Mucha like lines and yearning femininity.  Others jump with brilliance and fire.  And some are thoroughly sentimental but may have lost that zest that keeps them worn.

Redesign Opal Ring

One thing is for sure.  Jewelry imbues memory and emotion like no other object’ de art.

We take these family pieces very seriously.  We know how important they can be.  Whether the resetting of a family stone for a new engagement or a collaboration for Memento Mori, we are careful, take our time and get to know you and your life today.  We make sure you get an outcome that will be relevant to the way you live.

Megan Thorne Three Stone Ring Studio Works

We have been know to steer away from transitioning some pieces, recognizing a beauty that only needs to be teased out.  In these cases, we find that our clients may only need to see the item in a different light, in a different geography.  It’s fun when they bring these pieces in, usually in a large bag jumbled all together, a few ring boxes or vintage pouches.  Sometimes, it just takes a new eye or the fresh perspective of being in the studio with us as we fawn over a beauty entangled with other memories.  “Try it on,” we encourage. “ No, really, its awesome! But lets try it with this modern pairing”….and then we have a hit!

Other times, we play and let you design with us!

Susan Campbell Jewelry Redesign of Sentimental Pieces Charms

How can we transform these special articles so they retain that intrinsic quality that connects you to those you love?  How do they become the hallmark of the next generation?  Time and patience, love and consideration.  It is important that we get to know a little bit about you. And we rarely make a quick on the spot decision.  We joke that the creativity simmers and then one of us, in the middle of the night, will wake up with a stroke of genius.  We pow-wow, invite you to participate, and as you design with us, we create the next iteration of of an item that will be loved now and for the generations to come.

Custom Redesign Dewdrop Hoops


Bring in your Bag O’ Jewels and let’s play.  We have seen it all! So if your items are amiss not to worry, we can clean them, repair them, or even refine them and give you a credit towards the final creation.  Bring it all, broken chains, ½ pairs of earrings, a random earring back, grandmas diamond ring, those 1980’s button earrings, or our favorite, the gold puffed hearts! (ha!) and especially those beautiful but way too formal strand of white pearls.  This is all a form of women’s wealth that sometimes we forget about.  Let’s remember, together.