I have RSVP’d! What can I expect from, “Pearls Around the Table?”

I have RSVP’d! What can I expect from, “Pearls Around the Table?”
December 10, 2019 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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Tahitian Pearl Watercolor

After a long day it is time to treat yourself to a unique experience.  Join the group at Susan’s Gallery and mingle for a minute, grab a glass of bubbly and meet a new friend or two and Betty Sue King, the Queen of Pearls.

Take your seat with a friend or a family member–or independently–and prepare to broaden your horizons.  Turn off your phone and take a break from the days hustle. Relax. 

Today’s event, Pearls Around the Table, is an opportunity for you to personally experience touch and play with luminous cultured pearls in a fun and relaxed environment.  

Now it’s time to DIB.  

100 parcels of loose pearls are passed around the table.  Each is labeled describing its contents, treatment and price.  When you open a parcel that quickens your heartbeat… it’s time to call dibs!  


A dib means the parcel continues around the table for the others to eye…and it comes back to you to enjoy.  


A dib is infatuation, it’s love at first sight! 


It’s…coffee, not dinner; it’s…flirting, not marriage. 


Placing a dib isn’t a buying commitment. 


Once your dib comes back to you, open it, display in front of you.  Continue to amass a collection of those pieces that speak to you…that glow when they caress your skin.  If at any time you want to relinquish your dib, notify the ladies and the dib will be released to its 2nd dibber.  

You can dib on multiple parcels and the same parcel can be dibbed on multiple times.  There may be 2nd and 3rd dibs called. It may be that the 4th dibber becomes the actual buyer.  

Close the parcel before passing it around so each seat has the opportunity to unwrap its contents for the first time. Dib or pass promptly so everyone has a chance to embrace all the opportunities the evening has to offer. 

A few ready to wear pieces abound in the many parcels –for quick and easy holiday gifts–but the loose treasures are the real reason for this season. Once a cultured pearl is sold, the gem is gone. So, dib on your dreams and select a winner, or two….  A $100 gift certificate towards the creation of your signature piece was already placed at your seat. Put it in your pocket. Take home your treasure and dream. Move on through the busy holiday season knowing a little nugget awaits your attention. Your reward for a year hard won.

Amassing a stunning collection!

Multiple Parcels, unwrapped.

Our guest of honor offers education and styling options.

Considering all options.

Silly Fun.

Gather some friends and family.