Our Story


In an age of technology and mass produced impersonal plastic parts, we invite you to a tangible world where makers create and truly touch your senses.

Our Story

Susan Campbell Jewelry opened in 2006 in a quaint 1860’s cottage in the Pensacola Historic District. We have grown and moved to the main shopping district in Pensacola, at 420 South Palafox Street, in a location three times the size with a beautiful front window and welcoming interior. Over the years we have developed a network of friends and designers, muses and talents, all of whom inspire the development of our retail gallery. Exposed brick and crystal chandeliers frame the unique niches within our gallery. The sounds of metal  being wrought into custom charms for locals and new friends coming in the door occupies one creative space. The Center section is alive with a gallery of dynamic artists featured from all over the country.  Behind the curtain, private appointments are received for custom designs, redesign and repurposing.   Further, the gallery sports an educational section for those who may indulge in the arts, as well as an area to sit and have a glass of champagne should the need arise…our gallery covers the spectrum of human engagement. 

Who We Are

We provide opportunities for exploration into the arts and creative worlds through thoughtful, tangible and valuable tiny sculptures. These sculptures can translate to gifts, personal symbols, memories, and personal affirmations. We offer guidance and counsel for those that don’t know their way around an often new and uncharted landscape of handmade products. Touch, feel, texture, weight, durability and clarity are our guides to engaging your senses. Unforgettable, and personal objects will become distinct reminders of who you are, where you have been and where you are going. In an age of technology and mass produced impersonal plastic parts, we invite you to a tangible world where makers create and truly touch your senses.

Our Invitation

“We are Southern Jewelers reinventing your jewelry traditions with an individual spirit.  On the cutting edge of retail, we introduce you to a niche where art and jewels meet; where you may take the designers seat as we guide you to create a piece imbued with memory.  Go ahead! Refresh your grandma’s pearls, redesign your families stones and commemorate any occasion in a manner consistent with your lifestyle. We offer small batch, fun and fine, designer jewelry in our gallery – for easy gift giving; a customizable on site charm workshop where we design and stamp while you experience the sounds of metal on metal;  and a host of services to ensure you have every jewelry need available through our network of adept craftsmen and stone sources.”


Throughout our journey, we have strived to promote rare jewelry, unequaled in creativity. Additionally, we celebrate and encourage artists who are on the forefront of sustainability practices, such as using echo gold and reclaimed precious metals. In an effort to “educate” our clientele, we also promote trunk shows from visiting national and international artists. Further, our gallery schedules entertaining round tables where a person may come to learn all about a specific gemstone, such as the mysterious pearl or the dynamic diamond. Featuring distinguished speakers and special guests – and a good time had by all – we aim to provide jewelry experiences that are immersive and touched by true emotion.