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pearl strand necklace

Pearls Please!

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls."

- Coco Chanel

Did you know that a pearl inherits its natural color form the various shades of its Mother of Pearl? Or that a pearl is the only gemstone harvested from a living organism? Or that pearls are a sustainable resource that require clean waterways?  

To achieve an ideal luster, it takes an average of eight to twelve months to cultivate one single fresh water pearl, and up to two years for the salt water South Sea Pearl.  Once harvested, it can take many years to collect enough consistent pearls for a pearl necklace, which is why a beautifully matched pearl strand is a perfect anniversary gift representing timeless beauty and love.   Cool to the touch, a strand warms to body temperature when worn imbuing a hot sentimentality to a romantic gift. 


Its a Value Proposition:

Luster is the most important value to consider when selecting pearl jewelry for investment.  Then come Color and Shape, values that are more personal and free of constraints and open to personal interpretation.  A smooth Surface is key to a pleasing specimen though we find undulating freckles and fine circle’ quite attractive.  Orient is the inner glow only seen in the finest pearl jewelry.  And, as with all gems, Size does matter but our personal opinion and the SCJ standards dictate Luster and a smooth Surface over Size every time.