Jewelry Designers


Chefredi’s work explores the natural beauty of a gemstone. By embedding gems and sterling silver into his pieces, he creates designs that are each one-of-a kind with an artisanal finish for any occasion.

Sportun’s jewelry is a dichotomy of traditional and unconventional styles. She embraces the imperfections in asymmetrical, organic forms to create an eye-catching design that she subtly translates into her pieces.

Inspired by the “inherent grace of flora and fauna,” her jewelry is just as light, tropical, and feminine – making for a truly unique aesthetic that reflects her own personality in every piece she creates.

Belle Brooke’s distinctive designs are clean, modern and geometric. Her pieces include hand-crafted jewelry that is made of 100% metals and thoughtfully sourced natural gemstones or diamonds with traditional tools in a commitment to preserving artisan craftsmanship.

Michele Scholnick creates delicate designs with organic shapes. Her love of the natural world inspires her to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for any occasion, whether you want a bold statement or something light and airy.

Susan has a love affair with pearls. Each strand is curated by Campbell for her stunning collection of delicate, feminine strands. There’s one just right for every woman to feel special and confident in their own skin!

Her work reflects her appreciation for nature, especially when it comes to botanicals and geometric forms that are inspired by sacred geometry. 

Maller celebrates organic forms and rich textures in her desire for authenticity. Maller handcrafts fine jewelry from sustainably-sourced materials using reclaimed metals and reclaimed fair trade gems.

Kelim Jewelry Design produces elegant, clean designs that take their inspiration from organic and geometric sources. Each hand-crafted piece is modern and perfectly suited for both casual and elegant occasions.

Kimberly Collins has a mission to make the world awe at some of its most beautiful gems. With an eye for fine quality, she hand-picks each gemstone that she represents in her line of jewelry. Her pieces are simple and elegant with just enough emphasis on those gorgeous stones chosen by Kimberly herself!

The collection is feminine, but with a bit of an edge, innovative, yet on trend with the latest fashions. The “bohemian chic” designs feature an abundance of color rich in character, like tourmalines, labradorites, opals, emeralds, and opaque diamonds, among other striking gems.

Lika Behar’s work is a testament to the beauty of ancient jewelry and a modern luxury. Her unique pieces are made by hand, one-of-a kind, and perfect for that special occasion.

Liven is a contemporary fine jewelry line that is both fashionably fresh and classically timeless. Each piece is designed with the concept of refined wearability, making it the ultimate everyday luxury. Combining innovation with artistry, the collection ranges from delicate pieces that feature clean lines and fine feminine details to bold, stunning, one of a kind beauties.

Megan Auman is a jewelry designer with an eye for detail. Her bold yet wearable designs are made from steel, silver and bronze which she mixes in various ways to create one of a kind pieces that always look great!

Manning’s jewelry collection is eclectic and modern. Using gold, silver, gemstones and found objects her line blends traditional and modern pieces by using unconventional materials to create neoteric (modern) designs that transcend stylistic trends.

Do your diamonds shake? Glik’s signature collection creates the illusion of diamonds and precious stones floating within their settings. His sharp lines and refined details bring balance to designs that can be worn day or night, even on the red carpet, with the same elegance and exclusivity.

Page has a one-of-a-kind style that is seen in her rough brushstroke texture and use of recycled 18kt gold, vibrant sapphires, and antique diamonds. Her pieces are meant to accompany you for all your moments throughout life -dropping off kids at school or work; going out on dinner dates with friends!

Designer, Faith Yazicioglu offers unique one-of-kind hand-crafted designs merge ancient cultures and archaeology with modern day themes in jewelry design. This collection consists of solid 24k gold and gold/silver jewelry, set with precious and semi-precious gems.

Priya Himatsingka’s jewelry is a beautiful mix of old-fashioned charm and modern sophistication. The pieces range from casual to formal, with each style being irresistibly charming in its own way.

Influenced by natural forms and subtle movements, Rebecca Overmann creates jewelry that expresses clarity, simplicity, and elegance. Her work is characterized by a mix of metals – yellow gold, oxidized sterling, accented with raw, rose cut, and fancy diamonds.

Sarah Graham’s signature combination of black, white, and gold colors immediately identifies the artist. Graham handcrafts her jewelry in 18K gold and blackened steel; she selects black, white and cognac diamonds; and she also chooses Akoya and Tahitian pearls for her one-of-a-kind designs. everyday wear, pieces that announce confidence and style creatively for the artist and the wearer alike.

Stephanie’s designs combine her appreciation of the classical principles of jewelry making with a distinctly modern and fresh point-of-view. Inspired by vibrant colors and luxurious textures, each piece in Stephanie’s collection is made using 22K gold adorned with colorful gems that are delicately set into precious metals to create a bold and modern look.

Suzy Landa’s minimalist design and bold colors reflect a love of mid-century design, art and architecture. Symmetric but soft shapes, clean lines with subtle details create statement pieces that are valuable for today’s collectors while also being timeless enough to be appreciated by those in the future as well.

Megan Thorne carefully crafts her jewelry with ethically sourced stones and recycled 18K gold. Thorne turned to handcrafting jewelry to suit femininity incorporating timeless vintage notes. Her first love for  “patterns, textiles and lace” can be found as inspiration in her later jewelry designs.

Searching for that special ring for your unique man? Choose from a number of hand-hammered bands, completely different with an organic feel. While Pownell’s rings stylistically embody classic width and weight of men’s rings, he creates his one-of-a kind pieces using fissures filled with gems and oxidized metals. 

Pomeroy explores poetic expressions while maintaining the purity of the ancient craft of goldsmithing. Perfect for yourself and as a gift, Pomeroy’s socially conscious work ensures happiness for the everyday wearer.