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Pearls Please Collection

Our fascination with natural cultured Pearls, the Queen of Gems, continues. Join us as we explore the world of Pearls through the eyes of our favorite jewelry designers, educational insights on our Blog or during events like Pearls Around the Table. Above all, we invite you to peruse our curated collection of hand selected pearl jewelry or let us source the perfect pearl for your next meaningful gift or specific acquisition.

Perfect Pendants Collection

Express yourself with our delicate to bold pendants. Embellishments range from delicate metals, large gemstones, complete with accentuating chains in oxidized sterling silver, yellow gold, pink gold and white gold! Pendants are an easy way to give any outfit some personality. A piece of wearable art for this fashionable woman on the go!

Rose Petal Collection

Our new rose petal collection is the perfect way to add some simple and chic elegance to your day-to-day outfits. Exquisitely curated collection of modern and distinctive jewelry. From flora and fauna statement earrings to our iconic dangling petals, you'll look like a total goddess when pairing these pieces with any outfit. 

Fingerprint Collection

A wearable, touchable, ever lasting family heirloom - that's what you get with a piece from the fingerprint collection by Designer Sarah Graham. Each is one of kind, made with prints of those yo love the most. Your fingerprint jewelry is a tangible, lasting family portrait.


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