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A wearable, touchable, ever lasting family heirloom - that's what you get with a piece of fingerprint jewelry. Each is one of a kind, made with the prints of those you love the most. Your fingerprint jewelry is a tangible, lasting family portrait.

Make it personal to you.

We have worked with Sarah and several local customers through this process and in each instance, the resulting piece has been an indelible fine jewelry object that carries a personal story.  

Some want that story to be obvious so we use the technology to raise the fingerprint to make it an identifiable dedication, others want a more personal talisman so we have spread the print from edge to edge of a pendant so that it becomes a background texture and obscured to all but the wearer.  

We have incorporated custom requests for personal embellishment like a cross demarcated by diamonds, and have transformed other family heirlooms into charms to wear together with the print in a layer of history. 

It has been a beautiful journey from the beginnings of life through remembrance. 

Initially, customers think of their children, but once they encounter the quality of the final piece they see that they need to preserve not only their prints to add to the collection for their kids but also the prints of their spouse and their parents to connect the family lineage.

When Art and Technology Collide.

Graham’s penchant for technology is growing, in 2015 she was invited to partner with Formlabs, makers of the Form 1 + 3D printer to sway the creative and artistic viewpoint in the growing 3-D Printing field. 

The resulting design and finished product was the dichotomous look of rain-soaked leaves, seemingly wet and fresh from a summer rain shower but grown with a 3-D printer and hard as steel.

 Solid Gold and Cobalt Chrome printed jewelry has never looked more alive or vital.

The final product was breathtaking in its dewy resonance.

Now, macro details are clearly defined in the new collection’s resulting memories.

Fingerprints and Graham’s layering of her 3-D forms add a lifelike quality: imagine the tiny tips of a child’s fingers just as they begin to explore the world.  

Convenient Fingerprint Process.

Sarah has developed a proprietary application that allows the customer to download an app available in the app store to conveniently capture the prints of any member of the family. 

It also allows the client more opportunity to become involved in the creative process.

One of the benefits of using Graham’s fingerprint app is that it’s easy to use and offers the convenience, especially helpful for those whose family is not all in the same town.   

sarah graham fingerprint necklace

For Pricing, please contact us for a One-of-a-Kind Sarah Graham Personalized Jewelry

Download the app to use your phone's camera to capture prints


1. Download the Fingerprint Photographer from the app store and be sneaky!
2. Take a picture of those tiny fingerprints, and yours too!, and follow the simple instructions to submit.
3. Email Susan to finalize your commitment. And, with your commitment, we will lock in that day’s gold price so as the gold market fluctuates, you will not pay any more than you did on the day of your commitment.
4. You may choose the exact piece(s) you want to order or you can leave it open as a gift card.

Don’t worry, Susan will guide you!
Email our Expert Jeweler at
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"A family heirloom is often a piece of jewelry - hardly because of the value of the materials, but more because it is so closely associated with the person who wears it." - Sarah Graham