Graduate Wisdom – Charm Necklace Collection

Graduate Wisdom – Charm Necklace Collection
May 26, 2021 Susan Campbell Jewelry
Graduate with Charm

Graduate Wisdom 

Congratulate Your Graduate with a Custom Charm Necklace

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

From ancient voices to the modern valedictorians, the quest for knowledge and its ultimate achievement is a badge of honor, a milestone to be celebrated for both the graduate and their kin. Forged with passion and determination, your graduate’s path to success is a rite of passage to commemorate in style.

Anyone graduating in the year 2021 deserves a keepsake… a memento… one that celebrates their unique story and details their journey along the way.   Find the perfect jewelry piece with the SAM Collection. 

Personalize this Graduate Wisdom charm necklace by selecting their schools alma mater, commemorate the year or add their initials.

Document the journey with a single step!

Progression cropped

Four characters are available

to customize the Small Round

Silver Charm.

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We honor your graduate’s path and tell her story by utilizing the ancient materials of silver and gold, and the ancient practices of hammer and forge.  With these elemental materials and practices, traits of intuition, self-reflection, and inner wisdom are personified in sterling silver, while symbols of prosperity, authority and charisma are personified in gold. Through the sound of metal on metal, we facilitate healing, protection, growth, and knowledge.  

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Send a note to SAM upon checkout and we will follow-up with suggested or requested add-ons and pricing!

Give the graduate in your life a meaningful gift they will keep forever from our handcrafted and curated; customized and personalized charm collection. 

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