Our Flight Path: One Year Later

Our Flight Path: One Year Later
September 30, 2021 Susan Campbell Jewelry
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Our Flight Path: One Year Later

After several rotations around many moons…we are settling into our flight path.

As women, we scraped together all of our energies and leaned in; held them close and tried not to let go.  But some of us didn’t have the same choices…a cruel reality in this industrialized world.  We, however, are grateful for all of the amazing women that stand around us whether in support of us, or those that we support.  While we are in it together, it is never equal. Nonetheless, we must stand together to effect change if not for us then for our daughters.  

Join us as we continue to celebrate women through the fine jewelry-arts tradition.  We encourage you to find those little things that bring joy and remembrance, and those big things that amount to women’s wealth.  Together we are a network of modern women weaving together an American story of independent designers, creatives and collectors. We support each other by buying local and buying small batch, by sharing our ideas and creative visions and in all ways creating a magical industry where beauty and trinkets are more than skin deep. 

Core Focus: 

Small batch, artisan crafted, fun and fine, designer jewelry and creative metalsmithing solutions.