Fingerprint Jewelry for Mothers Day

Fingerprint Jewelry for Mothers Day
May 3, 2020 Susan Campbell Jewelry

She is about the receive the most personal

piece of jewelry she has ever owned!

We are delivering beautiful gift cards customized with the prints of your choosing just in time for

Mother’s Day!

Let Mom enjoy a beautiful presentation on her special day

and she will be pleased that her one-of-a-kind fingerprint jewelry is on the way.

How It Works:
1. Download the Fingerprint Photographer from the app store and be sneaky!
2. Take a picture of those tiny fingerprints, and yours too!, and follow the simple instructions to submit.
3. Email Susan to finalize your commitment. And, with your commitment, we will lock in that day’s gold price so as the gold market fluctuates, you will not pay any more than you did on the day of your commitment.
4. You may choose the exact piece(s) you want to order or you can leave it open as a gift card.

Don’t worry, Susan will guide you!
Email her at